EDUC624 Coursework

Welcome to my coursework from EDUC624 Instructional Methods for Behavior and Learning. Please feel free to view some of my work from the class and offer any critiques. I look forward to hearing from you. 

In the Classroom

Classroom Management Presentation

This presentation addresses how to manage a classroom determined by students' behavioral needs effectively. 

IRIS Case Scenario

Here I was presented case scenarios of a variety of students with different behavior challenges. I was asked to provide strategies based on the behaviors that would redirect the negative behaviors and encourage positive ones.

Image by Ivan Aleksic

Article Review: Self-Regulation In E-Learning

 This article review takes a look at how self-regulation in an e-learning environment. 

Article Review: Positive Teacher/Student Relationships

This article review highlights the importance of positive student/teacher relationships. 

Article Review: Student Motivation

This article review highlights the importance of student motivation in the classroom.