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EDUC630 Coursework

Welcome to my EDUC630 Coursework Page. Feel free to roam and view some of my favorite projects from the EDUC630 Technology Practices for Instructional Improvement class at Liberty University. I would love to hear your thoughts and critiques of my work. Let me know what you think. 

Module 2

Personal Philosophy 

This is my personal philosophy in education pertaining to the use of Educational Technologies along with the biblical application. 

Online Education

Module 03

Professional Development Presentation

This is a Professional Development Presentation covering the ISTE website, their conference, resources and personal reflective thoughts on possible future involvement in the organization. 

Module 04

Professional Interview Reflection

Teachers using technology enhances education. I have asked five teachers about their experiences. Click on the picture for the reflection and for the survey questions, responses, and comparisons, click here.

Young Teacher
Image by Christopher Gower

Module 05

Technology Integration/Reflection

In this project, I demonstrated how to create a Jeopardy! game and taught the lesson to a simulated class using the board. Click on the picture for the demonstration. I have included a brief description of my thoughts here

Module 06

Web -Based Assessment

Here is my web-based assessment assignment of teaching the students how to create an infographic on the lifecycle of a butterfly. Click the picture for the instruction video. For those with special needs and assistance, I have provided the slideshow I used to demonstrate here that they can put it together easier. Click here for the rubric.

Kindergarten Classroom
Futuristic Woman

Module 07


This is my infographic on current and future trends in technology ranging from social media to Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality. 

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