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EDUC518 Coursework

Below is the progression of my work towards the literature review due at the end of the course. This will consist of a topical reference list, qualitative and quantitative article reviews, and the final literature review of Gamification. 

Playing Games


Topical Reference List

Here is the topical list of references I chose for the literature review.


Qualitative Article Review

Here is an article review completed on gamer types and how they affect the gamified learning environment.

Young Girl Playing Computer Games
Image by Mateo Vrbnjak


Quantitative Article Review

Here is an article review completed on including gamified elements in applications to motivate the user to increase usage. 

Literature Review


This is the resulting literature review from multiple journal articles on gamification. 

Image by Filios Sazeides
Business Team Research


Research Proposal

Resulting Research Proposal based on the literature review. 

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