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EDUC 639 Issues and Trends In 
Educational Technology

Heading 3

Social Responsibility Blog

Here are my thoughts on developing Social Responsibility in the classroom and how it translates outside of the classroom.  

Blockers, Barriers, and Boundaries

Here we take a look at the technologies of the past and reflect its impact on the present and hypothesize the potential evolution out of the Information Age. Click on the picture for more information.

Business Meeting

Organizational Learning Culture

Here we will look at the learning environment and how it affects the classroom and workforce. Click on the picture for more information. 

Education Website Critique

Here is my review and critique of various educational websites available to learners. Click the picture for the presentation.

Online Education

Teaching Media Fluency

This blog posts discusses the importance of teaching media fluency in the classroom. 

Education Blog Critique

This is my critique of education blogs from EDCLASS, U.S. Department of Education, Free Technologies For Teachers, and Edutopia. This presentation also addresses the needs for information of educating the student on the importance of Digital Citizenship.

Business Desk With Laptop and Coffee
Online Education

Journal Article Critique

This is my critique of five peer-reviewed journal articles on the use of technologies in education. Click on the picture for the critique. 

Digital Rights For The Digital Citizens

This mini-blog is my take on the basic overview of rights of content creation and the implications of  Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Digital Animator
Street Silhouettes

Citizenship In A Digital World

This mini-blog is my take the role of the teacher in teaching digital citizenship to students. 

Dissertation Idea Project

This is my review of 10 dissertations pertaining to using technologies and principals in education. 

College Library
Professional eSport Gamers

Personal Security in a Digital Age

My thoughts on the importance of personal security and the roles and responsibilities of the teacher in navigating in preparing students for life in the digital age. 

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