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EDUC630 Module 3 Data Collection

Unfortunately, I have not been in a formal classroom, but we do several formal written and hands-on assessments to qualify to do our job as an on-the-job trainer in the military. Our standards require the trainee to pass the practice assessment with 90% consistently five times before being scheduled for their End-of-Course exam. We needed the trainee to complete a task multiple times with 80% accuracy before signing off on the job for the hands-on. We had a tracking spreadsheet for all trainees that we annotated assignments and results. If the trainee is struggling, we will use differentiation to see where the disconnect in training is and reapproach the learners' abilities to retain the knowledge and skills. Some trainees are book learners, and others are hands-on. I am more hands-on, which was my specialty in teaching. I have not taught my trainees how to collect and organize the data outside of just imputing pass or fail in the spreadsheets. Sometimes we do pieces of training in small groups whenever we integrate new technologies in our work. Roblyer & Hughes (2019) discusses how this could work by having 3-5 students in one center. The group will then rotate out with other groups when learning different aspects of the technology. At the end of the training, we discuss and demonstrate the proficiency of the activity. From there, the determination of the percentages was further up the chain of command at that time. Things may have changed since then, but I am looking forward to learning this aspect of research in the EDUC518 class I am currently taking with this course. Thank you for your time.


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