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EDUC630 Blog Module 2

Education has become such an art form that teachers have the creative freedom to figure out their teaching styles, determining what works for what student, all within the confines of the education standards for their respective states. An effective teacher understands that students learn at different paces and in different ways. Some students have IEPs that outline what supports are needed for their success in the classroom. This information is crucial for the teacher because a student with an IEP may have better luck learning from electronic assistive technology. For example, students have iPads with apps to assist in communication. If I had a younger group of students, we would have Microsoft powerpoints that allow students to interact with their work. We have Boom writers play a game to assess and record their learning, ABC Mouse is an excellent program for younger kids. With my Kindergartner and Pre-K special needs children, these practices have improved their willingness to work and retain their knowledge. Putting similar programs with the rigor that applies to the student's age range would be more successful, as newer and better technologies present themselves.

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