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EDUC 630 Module 8 Reflection

Well, class, we made it to the end of a very hectic course this summer. Throughout these last eight weeks, I have been challenged. I didn’t think that was possible. The assignments had me dig deep and learn to utilize technologies I thought I knew in ways that I never used before. My favorite assignment would be the Gaming Module Discussion board, as that allowed me to be more creative with video editing, discussing gamification, and screen recording my gameplay. Safe to say, I shouldn’t assume that one assignment will be easy at first glance. In the last eight weeks, I have reflected further on different technologies and learned new and innovative ways to use them in the classroom. We also looked at how these technologies can be used for equal access to students, and it leads me to create a website to display all of my work since returning to Liberty University this year. In the end, this allows potential employers to see the work I have put forth and the willingness to learn new things that I can take with me. This class has been excellent, and it became that way with the people in it. I want to thank my classmates for challenging us and Dr. Gump for his guidance to make me better as a student and as a human being. Thank you all, and as we say in Destiny, I’ll see you Starside.

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