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My name is Christina Bardine and I currently reside in Bonaire, Georgia. I am currently in my Masters of Education: Curriculum and Instruction-Education Technology Degree program at Liberty University. I am married to my husband, James and have two children in school. I am a military veteran of the United States Air Force, and my husband is currently serving in the Georgia Air National Guard. Some of my favorite technologies to use is video conferencing such as Zoom, WebEx, or Google Hangout. In my spare time, I also enjoy video games and watching video game streams. Some games include first-person-shooters such as Halo, Warframe, and Destiny 2. I do enjoy using other communication supports for gaming such as Discord, OBS Direct, Twitch, and YouTube. I am also passionate about Gamification in the classroom and using gaming in education to engage the learners with their interests.

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